Best way to handle assembly of manufacturing items to one "inventory item"

First my apologies, I know there have been many questions on assembly and manufacturing of items, but I could really use some guidance. I a used car business. I buy a car, have it transported, service work done, recondition it etc. I need to bundle all everything purchase related to the vehicle as 1 item. Currently I have created an inventory item called “inventory in assembly” and create an inventory item for the finished product and make an adjustment. I do not want to create a separate item for each individual component of the final vehicle. Am I handling this correctly? Also what would be the best way of making the completed adjustment?

Manufacturing is for taking existing inventory creating another inventory item and put it back into inventory as item to sell.

Check on the manager page under videos or the link Manager Manufacturing Orders - YouTube

Also the guides:

Thanks for the reply. The only issue I have ran in to using the manufacturing inventory items is that is that given my assembly items are all being used as 1 item, the manufacturing inventory items feature cost averages the items. I may have 20 or more transactions in inventory for assembly item. I do not want to create an item for each of these as they are one time use. This creates a problem if I have more than one Item in assembly.

Inventory items should be used only on physical items where you expect to buy/sell the same units in multiple quantities. Used cars business doesn’t meet this condition as each item would be its own inventory item.

I’d say Fixed assets module is a better fit since it is expected to buy/sell only once. You can capitalize any cost associated with fixed assets by simply posting amounts against the car value. Then it’s easy to see what is your total purchase price (including additional costs) per each car.


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