Best Practice for Managing Delivery Costs and Delivery Income

I have just done my profit and loss using the delivery fee tracking code to see how much I spend on delivery fees and how much I make on delivery fees.

It appears that I have actually spent more on delivery fees than I have recovered. I suspect what happened was I forgot to bill some clients for the delivery fee! What would be the best way to prevent this from occuring again!

Also how do you separate your delivery costs that you incur on behalf of the client as opposed to your own delivery costs for goods that you purchase for your own company. Do you have two separate delivery fee expense accounts. This assumes that you are not using billable expenses as my delivery costs are inventory based not billable expenses as it were.

You’ll either have to build delivery costs into your sales prices or exercise more discipline. Since Manager doesn’t have an automatic sales invoicing capability, I think you are stuck with reality: you won’t be paid if you forget to invoice. :wink:

On your question about delivery costs, you can certainly maintain separate expense accounts. But why not use billable expenses? I can’t imagine delivery costs being inventory-based; they are related to a specific sale transaction. I find that module is perfect for the purpose you describe. Expenses that are not related to running your business never hit your expense account at all. They are passed through transparently. And Manager automatically allocates any markup to a hard-wired income account.

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I just have an expense account named Delivery Cost and income account named Delivery Charge.
If you wish to analyse these further I would create extra income and expense accounts e.g. Delivery cost clients, Delivery cost internal and Income accounts, Delivery charged client and one for internal. That way you can quickly see on your summary page if you are out of pocket or not! :wink:

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I have just finished doing my accounts and have determined that I have not used any delivery charges for the company. I must have got any goods that I bought on free delivery. So I am not going to worry about creating a company and client delivery expenses.

I have however created a delivery income account so I can keep a better eye on delivery income and delivery expenses.

Your idea of using billable expenses for delivery expenses actually might work very well for me. I will have to investigate first as I do sometimes get one delivery charge for multiple goods going to multiple clients so its not quite straightforward as just passing on the cost.

One option that would fix the issue is to have a feature that requires you to select that you wish to invoice client without a delivery fee attached - this could be used for people like me to remind me to invoice the delivery fee aspect.

I will have to review the delivery expenses and see exactly what happened so that I can see what I can do to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

The difficulty with such a feature is that one might imagine as many (or more) different reminders as there are users of Manager. I, for example, never charge a delivery fee. I just have to remember to sweep through the Billable Time and Billable Expenses registers before I generate a sales invoice. This was made much easier when all the uninvoiced items were added to the Customers tab. I admit it–occasionally I have to delete an invoice and start over.

Rethinking your delivery expenses issue, if you’re getting multiple items going to different customers on one bill, the Billable Expenses approach is not likely to work well for you. Just allocate those delivery charges to an outbound freight account of some sort. As long as you are charging actual delivery costs (or higher), the difference between delivery income and delivery costs will be favorable.

Billable expenses module shouldn’t be really used by companies selling goods.

It’s for companies selling services where some client assignments require to pay 3rd-party. (e.g. travel costs, courier, legal fees etc.).

Usually if company is using Billable time module, they are good candidate to use Billable expenses too.

I was not thinking of a delivey fee popup reminder as you are quite right. Not everyone would want that. I was actually thinking more of Manager having the ability to allow the end user to create a custom popup for a particular form if they wish. I can see many benefits to this.

For example - delivery notes - very helpful to have a reminder to put the serial numbers in for the goods being delivered. So a custom popup to allow end users using the delivery notes to create a reminder that they want to put the serial numbers in.

For Sales Invoices - delivery fee reminder or even put the serial numbers on that form - so a reminder there could be useful.

I have no doubt other users would have other things that they want to be reminded of before completing the form, so a custom popup reminder that one could enable for any specific form would actually help a lot of users without adding unwanted functionality for other users.

Maybe in future it will be possible to set up some custom rules and Manager can help you enforce them.

E.g. an invoice should be posting some amount to Delivery fees account.

Then Manager could give you a warning if a rule is broken. Something like that…

Ya thats the kind of thing that I was thinking of. I am sure everyone has something that they would like to be reminded of or in some way they would like to validate the form by rule checking.

What I will do when I have completed all my end of year return work and finished changing the inventory names around, I will then investigate exactly what happened with the delivery charges to find out what went wrong and hopefully prevent it from happening again.

i am just start use this software. i want to know to i add other column in stock inventory item, sales and purchase invoice. for Example my work is food item relates and i have one item ABC so i need how much item ABC boxes and what is the weight of box. like i have 150 boxes and weight is 1545 kg

PLEASE do not double post your question, also, you wont get answers on 2 year old irrelevant topics.