Batch Create Sales Invoice Multiple Lines

Is it possible to batch create sales invoices with multiple transaction lines? If so which column is the transaction line identifier? If there isn’t any, how to add additional lines?

Yes you can. But I cannot understand your specific request about identifiers. The different lines in excel are inside each single cell of the invoice line separated with the “new line” character.

Ah, I understand what you mean. Now I’ve noticed the additional lines that are inside the cell of Excel. I expected that each line in Excel is a transaction line, so I expected a line ID, but it has been solved in a simpler way. Thank you for your reply!

And Davide,

The output from the original Excel has several lines I want to invoice in a single sales invoice. Do you have a suggestion how to easily get multiple cells in Excel merge in a single cell with the ‘new line’ character added?

Line break in excel can be obtained with this function: