Batch create fields - missing

Hi All,

I’ve been using Manager since 2020 and would consider myself a fairly novice user.

I mainly use it for P&L and operational expenses. Suppliers and Payments is where I spend 90% of my time.

My question is around the batch create process. On a monthly basis, I import the previous month’s credit card spend. I normally copy the batch create fields from payments, put them in a spreadsheet and append the credit card details to match the fields.

Over the last few months after upgrading Manager (can’t recall which version this started) the “Batch Create” seems to be missing some fields such as PaidFrom, Supplier and Lines.1.Account. I didn’t say anything until now as I thought it would get picked up and fixed in a later version. However its been a few versions since, so is this by design?

The first time I saw this, I was concerned so I grabbed the fields from “Batch Update” and just removed the key at the end and appended my data that way, which seemed to work as that had all the required fields.

Please let me know if I am doing something wrong or if its a bug and needs to be reported via a different method.


That’s not a bug. The default number of columns for Batch create was reduced intentionally to make the sheet more manageable especially for new users.

But you can always add as many columns as you like manually.

If you don’t know the column names, you can get the names of additional columns using Batch update

Thanks @Ealfardan

As I mentioned Batch Update is what I have been using since the “reduction”.
Has this been documented anywhere as I couldn’t find anything.

Especially when I would have thought some fields such as Lines.X.Account would have been mandatory fields - but I guess not.


They may not be required for data integrity purposes, but for accouting reasons, they are essential.

In case you don’t supply Account or Item line details, these lines will kept in Suspense later to be cleared out.

So, in effect, it is mandatory eventually.