Basic Service Invoice with Labour, Trav pre GST costs shown and Totals

I have tested the Billable Hours but found to be a tedious method for my use.
I require to be able to enter a Service Fee, No. of hours with unit cost along with Job Materials at the Sales Invoice input.

We require to show the ex GST figures for Labour, Fess and Materials (most my customers are able to claim GST inputs) so I need a subtotal of the ex GST charges, the GST component and complete total.

I assume that my Labour and Service amounts can be applied to the Income Account?

The ability to fix the number of lines in the Invoice Page would also look more professional than having it ‘grow’ as it is filled. By that I mean that the Totals are always at the bottom of the page, whether 2 or 15 items lines have been filled.

The overall package looks great and I hope I can get it to suit my requirements.

You can do this by recording hours under Billable Time, job materials under Billable Expenses (both by customer), and your service fee as a sales invoice item. When it is time to create the sales invoice, go to either the Billable Time or Billable Expenses tab. Click New Sales Invoice. Select the customer and then tick off the expenses and/or time you wish to put on this sales invoice. Once the invoice has been created, you can add a line for the service fee. (The service fee must have been created as a sales invoice item previously if you want to do it that way. But you don’t need to use the sales invoice item feature; instead, you can just enter a fee directly each time. The sales invoice item saves effort.)

I’m not the one to answer this, because I have no experience with this feature, but I assume it’s possible, as many other users will have faced this exact situation.

Labor recorded through BillableTime goes to a special income account called Billable time - invoiced. You can rename that if you desire. This is hard-coded in the program. The service fee can go to any regular income account, named Sales or anything else you wish.

I believe your observation is a matter of personal taste, not professionalism. Personally, I think the minimalist approach currently employed looks far more customized, rather than conveying the impression you have used a standard form with blank lines you didn’t need. However, you can substitute a custom sales invoice design using View Templates under settings. You will need to do the coding yourself or hire it out.