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Good day all,
Is the Manager software suitable for Banking / Savings and Loans businesses as well? What other software, similar to Manager in terms of free desktop and paid networked, that can be use for Savings & Loans Business. Thanks.

Why wouldn’t it be suitable? It’s an accounting application. I see that you’re a member of this forum since August so I guess you have seen by now what it can and cannot do?

This forum is to give support for the Manager accounting application. I find it a bit of a weird question to ask a recommendation for a competing accounting application on this forum.

It’s a bit odd for someone to be asking for an accounting package for a Savings & Loan business - in contrast to other businesses, where accounting is a necessary evil, for a financial firm, accounting is the be all and end all of the business

I suspect an accounting package geared to financial services would be a much better fit than Manager

If you are asking whether Manager will perform all tasks necessary to operate a savings and loan institution, the answer is no. It is a general purpose accounting program.

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Thanks your reply. But I’m not asking for a necessarily a competing software. could have different versions suitable to different type of businesses. If they don’t, it could be an idea for them to ponder on. All businesses thinks of expansion.

Manager exists in only one form across multiple platforms. The only difference between editions is that the server and cloud editions allow multiple users. There are no other products.

Discussion of the developer’s business model is not the purpose for this forum.