Bank Rules Contacts Field Feature Request

We agree.

I was theorizing how the program may make cash sales (/purchase) appear in the reports with invoice sales (/purchase). One way to do that would be when a user links a customer or supplier on a receipt or purchase then the program makes a credit and debit in the appropriate accounts payable / receivable.

I have no idea how he actually intends to implement the linkage though.

So, could this please be moved to the ideas category? Perhaps the idea can be rephrased as follows:
Please expand Bank Rules to allow automating filling of more fields. Currently bank rules can write to the chart of accounts field and the tracking code field. This could be extended to enable Bank Rules to write to the other fields including:
Tax Code

@whosat, bank statements do not include the information necessary for either. Nothing in the statement identifies a payer or payee as customer or supplier. Nor is there any information that can be used to determine an applicable tax code.

Addressing the tax code issue, however, are you aware you can set tax codes for posting accounts? For example, if a bank rule can be written that successfully identifies a payment as being for electrical service, and electrical service is subject to a 5% tax, the Electrical service expense account can be set up with a default 5% tax code. Every expense posted there will have the 5% tax code applied.

Tut you are correct banks do not contain information sufficient to specify Manager’s suppliers or applicable tax codes. That is not what is being suggested.

The suggestion is when the user creates an new enhanced version of bank rules the user specifies

  • what text must be present to trigger the rule (ie no change)
  • what account the money is sent to or from (ie no change)
  • what tax code applies
  • what customer or supplier is linked (a new feature)

The bank continues to provide the same old information, what differs is only the extra fields set as a result of the rule being triggered

I have moved this topic to ideas. That does not mean I think it can be implemented. There will be issues about tax inclusivity at a minimum. But I guess what is being asked for is not more automatic parsing of the statement, but more detail in the bank rule. I suspect there will be hidden issues none of us appreciate.

It’s up to the user to determine whether the necessary information is in the bank statement for the creation of the relevant bank rule. If my bank statement includes a transaction with a description such as “DIRECT CREDIT From: MR X Ref: APPLE PIE…” I would like to be able to create a rule that allocates any such transaction to a specific account, tracking code, customer and tax code. If I know that this will work for my business and the relevant transactions, then the necessary information is in the bank statement.


Yes please. Could bank rules now include the ability to select the customer/supplier in accounts payable/receivable. Now that customers and suppliers are linked properly in payments and receipts, this is a logical progression. Obviously not everyone will have a situation where the customer and the payee are the same, but for the vast majority of businesses where this is the case, it would be good. It would then populate the contact field in bank view. Hopefully this can be the next addition to Manager.

That capability has been available with built-in control accounts for years. It existed prior to August 2017, which is as far back as the Releases notes go. The capability was extended to custom control accounts in October 2017.

Sorry I forgot what the original request was. I am not talking about selecting customer/supplier in accounts/receivables as this is working. But my original request to link this with the contacts field in receipts and payments. Since moving to bank imports, I no longer have anything showing in the contacts field in payments and receipts because it never auto fills the payee field on payments form etc.

Well, that is exactly what you asked:

yes that is what I said, but that is not what I meant. I forgot what I originally asked for at the beginning of the post.

Added to the latest version (21.1.44)

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Thank you! I will be updating Manager tomorrow. Really looking forward to having this for bank imports going forward.