New Payment and Receipt Fields

When will Manager be updated to support moving Customers and Suppliers from “Other” Field to the the new customer/supplier drop down?

Is there some reason why Manager dropped the “From” “To” design that briefly appeared - see post Improvement to payment and receipt forms I thought that was much better and more intuitive as did another user. Could this be returned.

Could Bank Rules now include the ability to select the Customer/Supplier drop down and name of customer/supplier as for example when I am paying my broadband bill, this will always be a payment, supplier and the same broadband company. The problem with Bank imports is that I can only import what is on my Bank Statement and using Bank Rules, I can only specify account and tracking code in Manager. So the only way to populate payments/receipts with the suppliers/customers is to go into each one to edit the form after bank import.

I am having to delay upgrading Manager on my live platform until all my customers and suppliers are moved from Other to the customer/supplier drop down fields as it will take me hours to manually move them across and the find and recode does not support this as far as I can see.

The From and To configuration had fields switching since any can contain customers, suppliers, banks or a one-time contact.

The new setup is Who and Where which are fixed in place. The Who part is always a counter-party and you can now have the user select the type of contact instead of looking at a combined list of all Customers and Suppliers.

The Where part is always going to be your cash and bank accounts.

This is much less confusing to me at least.

That would be great.

I can’t see why. The previous entries where not linked to customer and supplier account, the previous contact field was nominal and there’s no loss in functionality when it was reclassified in others.

The whole point of introducing the customer/supplier field in payments/receipts is to link transactions with customers/suppliers. So if you are doing reports regarding customer/suppliers and payments/receipts it currently doesn’t work. I presume that the relevant entries in the general ledgers are empty as well.

I am very keen to get Bank Rules to include customer/supplier as well.

I think probably what I liked about the To and From was the fact that the fields were on the same line whereas now the account is on one line and the payer/payee sort of sticks out on the following line as if it has been shoved in somewhere. I do see your point however about possible confusion using the to and from fields interchangeably - that would cause issues. So I will simply request that the account and payee/payer fields be on the same line as this is what made the To and From fields look so good. It worked together in proper layout.

For settlement of invoices, it may be possible to automatically change the payer/payee to customer or supplier if it matches the account in lines.

But for other transactions, I think that would be impossible unless the user tells the system who is who.

Maybe something similar to find and recode would help users speed up the process.