Bank import not updating transactions

I imported qif with only 4 new transactions. The Cash at bank on summary page is still on the previous amount before the last 4 transactions. When I click on the cash at bank amount next to the account the last transactions are not updated there.

When I go to bank accounts the amount is updated there and the last transactions are also correct. Is this a bug?

Had closer look. Looks like the summary page is not updating for some reason.
Accounts receivable is also still on the previous amount even though I processed 2 invoices.

Perhaps you have summary screen set to show figures as at 28/02/2015 instead of “as at today”?

Click Customize button on Summary screen to see what it shows.

Yes that was the issue. But I did not set the summary page to show any specific dates. I took the tick off and its fine. Sorry I should have looked at that 1st thing.