Bank import csv date problem

Manager v. 21.5.14 win server 64bit and Desktop v 21.5.10 win 10 64bit

Manager date format - 31.12.2021 (
If in bank csv file don´t have date bigger than, then manager think that the date format is mm.dd.yyyy and all dates are wrong in imported bank statement.

Why and how to resolve this?


@Ealfardan suggests rightly that

The best method, at least for me, was to switch to ISO date (yyyy-MM-dd) or a similar format.



The latest version (21.5.32) should be fixing the issue with the date.

So you can try it with dd/mm/yyyy with 21.5.32 but would advise to update to lates v21.5.35

Thank you @eko !

I will try as soon as possible