Bank Fees Considered in Sales Tax Calculation

When importing sales transactions into my cash account, they are broken into Gross Amount and Bank Service Fees. (Each transaction is later changed to include inventory used.) I recently setup Manager to recognize a 6% state sales tax when applicable. However, the bank fee is deducted from the item price before calculating sales tax. In the example below, the sales tax is showing as $1.08 rather than the expected $1.14. Is there a way to have my sales tax calculated based on the purchased item, before the bank fees are collected?

I assume $19.00 is tax-inclusive amount.

$19.00 / 106 * 6 = $1.08

So $1.08 is correct.

In the sales order spreadsheet provided by one of my sales outlets, the gross amount excludes sales tax. However, this seems to be a unique situation with them and I’ve figured out a manual workaround for this. Besides, only less than 2% of my orders come from in-state customers.