Bank charges show on receipt


How do I not print the international bank charges/local bank charges on the receipt? Require to provide a receipt to my international client without bank charges.

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if the bank charges are not borne by your client, then you can make a separate payment entry for bank charges referring the receipt. you need not enter the bank charges as a line along with the receipt.

To amplify what @sharpdrivetek wrote, the bank charges involve a completely separate entity (the bank) from your customer and are of a totally separate type. You have one transaction in which you received money from your customer, either directly for goods or services or to satisfy a sales invoice. You have a second transaction in which you paid money to your bank for the fees.

As a result, there is no issue of not printing the fees on the receipt. They should not be there in the first place.

Hi Sharpdrivetek,

Bank charges are automatically deducted by the bank itself. example:-

Fund transfer (International) 400,000
Bank charges 500
Actual amount deposited into my bank is 350,000.

If I open receipt of 400,000 and the amount is deposited into bank 400,000 and not 350,000 as shown in my bank book
Moreover, If I have a second transaction open as payment to bank as bank fees, the net profit figures will not reflect the actual profit.
Referring back to my earlier question, how do I remove the bank charges from the receipt so that I can send it to my client. Thank you for your help

your question was clearly answered to you by both me and @Tut
there is no need to remove the bank charges from the receipt because it should not be on the receipt in the first place. the bank charges is a separate transaction as far as your business is considered. and so it should be entered as a separate payment and not along with the receipt.

there is no difference in P&L when it is entered as a separate payment.

Hi Sharpdrivetek,

If that’s the case, then the amount shown on my bank book will not tally with the bank report in In the amount is 400,000 but my bank statement shows 350,000 due to auto bank charges deducted. When I open receipt in, I have to account the full amount which is 400,000 and mode of payment received is bank and not cash. The bank charges will be expenses and therefore, my bank statement vs Bank Accounts in does not tally.

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Hi Shardrivetek,

Questions to add-on to my earlier reply.

I am receiving less and not the full invoice amount.


it will tally. but it may not match the number of transactions.
in your bank statement the record will be a single transaction while in Manager it will be two transactions.

if you are not sending a receipt to your client, there is nothing wrong in entering it as two lines on a single receipt. else you should record it separately because your client has got nothing to do with your bank charges.

since you insist on recording it as a single transaction, i would suggest you to remove the bank charges line from the receipt. after sending the receipt to your client, edit the same and include the bank charges as a negative value for your record.

What are You changing the Client?
And Who is liable for the bank charges ie was it agreed your fee was inclusive or exclusive of bank changes?

For example
Are you charging the client 350,000 and they are responsible for any bank changes?
Or are you changing the client 400,000 and you are responsible for the bank changes?
Or some other permutation?

Hi Sharpdrivetek,

I am using your advice by adding the charges onto the same receipts after printing the receipt for my client. I add in negative sign to the charges. IT WORKS but not after multiple process. Now, both the amount on my bank statement and Manager.IO Bank account amount tallies. If I record the charges separately, the amount shown on Bank account in will not tally with my bank statement because I received less. I kindly suggest you try it out and guide me how I can tally both the figures using the first method simply because I need to send the receipt to my client without bank charges. For now, I will use the second method to tally the figures with my bank statement.

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make sure you are selecting New Payment option (not New Receipt) when you are making a separate transaction for the bank charges.

Hi Patch,

The bank charges is deducted automatically when the cash is transfer to my local bank. Currency converting and admin cost will be charge to me from my bank. Invoice amount by my client will be in full excluding local bank charges. Once the cash is transfer to my bank account I received less. My client is not interested with the bank charges shown on the receipt and if I record full amount received in receipts, MANAGER.IO will then the full amount to Bank Account. My bank statement amount will not tally with BANK ACCOUNT because I receive less.

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Instead of sending the receipt to the customer, you send a copy of the invoice after the payment has been recorded. The invoice will then show image

and the bank account will have 1 transaction

Hi Joe91,

Yes. I am using this method now.

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Hi Sharpdrivetek,

Yes. Using new payment method to record. Figures still does tally between statement from my bank and Manager.IO Bank Account. I will use your advice and not send any receipts to my client. Will only send invoice showing partial paid amount or full paid amount. Thank You for your kind help


Hi Sharpdrvetek,

Typo error on my earlier post to you. It should be “Figures still does not tally” and not “Figures still does tally”. Sorry

Your language is still confusing to me which makes me think neither you or your customer thinks they need to pay for the currency conversions costs.

The options are

  1. You sell your product / service for 400,000. Internally costs for you in delivering this consists of things like raw product cost, labour, depreciation on equipment, handling, administration, bank charges, transport. What is left over is profit. Your issue in this case would be tracking internal job costs to better identify individual job profit with out showing this detail to the customer.
  2. You sell your product / service for 350,000 but at that price it does not include listed items such as currency conversion, bank charges (government taxes, transport and handled etc). In which case the costs of these are exposed to the customer as they determine the additional amount they have to pay to you over the listed 350,000
  3. You sell your product / services for 350,000 but demand payment in local currency in which case they get an invoice from you for 350,000 and they get an invoice from the bank for 50,000

I would add that a bank fee of 50 to convert the customers payment of 400 seems excessive

I hadn’t looked closely at your number, taking the final amount as examples but
400,000 - 350,000 = 50,000 to cover bank charges of 500
Hopefully these numbers aren’t from a real transaction.
Or are the 400,000 and 350,000 dollar amounts in different currencies, in which case clearly stating what is in which currently would help clarify what you are actually trying to record?

I would think the OP could handle this the same way we handle credit card payments on an invoice:

Invoice of $100 is paid by credit card. Customer is charged $100 and we pay $3 to the processing company. Our deposit is $97.

My process is this-

  1. New Receipt for $100. Save. Send to customer.
  2. Edit said receipt to include -$3 payment processing fees.

Now everything balances with my bank statement and the customer has a good receipt.