Bank Account and Journal Entries

Hi everyone.
I have a Bank Account where I deposit my customers payments.
Now that I have Manager I’m doing the same (creating a Bank Account to register my customer payments in “Bank Transactions”).
Also I use this Bank Account to make expenses and transfers to another bank accounts that I have.
My question is: how can I make this Bank Account to appear in journal entries? Is it possible?

what you describe is done through Inter Account Transfers and not journal entries.

Ok @sharpdrivete, thanks. That solved one part (bank transfers). But I need to make expenses also. Let’s say, I need to pay the phone for my warehouse. I would like to make an asset: Credit: Phone, Debit: Bank Account.
How can I do that using my bank account?

you need to make a spend money transaction by selecting the relevant account in the line item.

create necessary account if you do not have a default Expense account under the Expenses category in your chart of accounts.

I was confusing Journal entries with the “Spend Money Section” in bank transactions. Thank you so much @sharpdrivetek.

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there is rarely any use of journal entries in Manager. you can refer the guides section to understand most things better.

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