Back up data after crash

I was able to get the data from the HD but not in a back up format. What do I do now?

Do you mean you were able to recover the live file rather then a backup file ?
If yes, reload Manager, go to About Manger and set the application data path to where the live file is and Manager should be able to open as I understand.

Says “path does not exist”

It wasn’t clear exactly what you did that failed. Did you try using the Add Business button and choosing the import option? That is how restoration is supposed to work. If you tried to open the backup file directly, that won’t work.

I tried about Manager and changed the data path. I tried again a different way and lost access to Manager. I am thinking I have to reload now.

OK got Manager back. Anyone have any other ideas?

You need to be more specific, @Russ. People on the forum will have many ideas if you will state a specific problem and describe how you encountered it.

I had a bad mother board. The tech was able to get the data off the HD for Manager but was not familiar with the program and did not know how to install it, nor do I. I have 4 files. 1 with a bunch of 0, the other 2 with a series of numbers and letters and the forth says “size”

I did not mean to inquire about what troubles led to your computer crash. What we need to know is exactly what problem you are experiencing with Manager and how that problem happened. In other words, what are the symptoms and what did you do that resulted in their appearance?

For example, are you trying to restore from a backup file created using the Backup button in Manager? Or are you trying to recover data lost before you ever had a chance to make a backup? If the former, did you follow the procedures described here: If the latter, move all four of those files to the folder revealed when you look up the data path. Then Manager should be able to find them when you open it.

If you can remember the original data path, you should then restore it and move the files there, as that is the default Manager expects.

You will not be able to open any of those four files directly. They are data files that the program calls. They are not backup files. So you cannot restore your program data by trying to import something from them. A backup file name includes the name of the business and a date, both in plain language. It cannot be opened directly, either, but only imported.

So, tell us more and someone will be able to help.

Trying to recover data lost before back up. Tried moving the files to Manager but that did not work. I got the company info but no data. I am guessing maybe I do not have the correct files. I do not know if the tech I had working on it knew exactly which files to pull.

So Manager opens, right? When you say you got the company info, what exactly are you referring to? Can you upload a screen shot of the first screen that shows when you launch the program? Then, if you have any business showing, click on it and upload a screen shot of the left navigation pane on the Summary page. Please do not include actual financial data, just the navigation tabs.

OK. One step at a time. These shots prove that you have correctly downloaded and installed Manager. It opens and will run. But right now, the program thinks you have never enabled any modules or entered any transactions for the Business DFC2016. From this point, you could create a chart of accounts, decide which modules to enable, etc., and everything should work fine.

I suspect, though, that you have in fact entered transactions, or you wouldn’t be looking for help on this forum. If you click on About Manager, what does it give you for a location for Application Data? Is this a default location, or is it something you changed? Whichever it is, that’s the location where Manager expects your data files to be. If they aren’t there, nothing will work. So the next step is to navigate to whatever folder is listed for Application Data and post a screen shot of what’s there.

If the four files you described earlier are there, try enabling the modules you had before your crash under Customize. See if by chance transaction data appears once the necessary modules are working. Report back on the results.

The right side is what was in the folder. The left side is what I moved to the folder. Properties of the one file show that it is 1.2 MB. So I was hoping that held my info.

@Russ read the below link as it contain information about the 4 files.

When Manager is installed it creates some of those four files by default and the rest occur when a business is created as I understand it. So if you have copied the entire 4 files over then you may have overwritten or have
duplicates which may be confusing.

After reading the below you may want to un-install manager and delete the files at the Application Data location. Re-install Manager and check which files have already been created at the Application Data location and then only copy over the missing files - fingers crossed

@brucanna generally has the right approach, @Russ. But before you go thrashing around, let’s make sure you don’t get rid of any of these files, since we are not sure what they are. Don’t delete anything, just move them aside for now.

The link @Brucanna asked you to read goes back a long time and contains some information that I don’t believe is correct any more. For example, I now believe Manager only needs 3 data files to run. The one I referred to in the linked thread called Data doesn’t seem to be necessary any longer. So, the one with all the zeroes is an index of businesses. The one with the alpha-numeric hash should be your actual accounting file. And Size just stores window parameters.

Check the properties/metadata of all the hashed-up file titles to see which were modified most recently. The most recent one should be your accounting data. I believe that Manager sometimes creates new accounting files when there is a major alteration of the database structure. But the old versions are saved, not deleted. So you may have obsolete files you really don’t need.

It was not clear from your last post, @Russ, exactly what you meant by “The right side is what was in the folder. The left side is what I moved to the folder.” I could not tell which folders you were referring to. The important thing is to have the index, accounting file, and size file all at the location listed in About Manager for the Application Data.

I would put all the files there and let the program sort them out. If asked about duplicates, keep the newest version. (Remember, only play these games with copies of the files, not the originals.)

If that doesn’t sort things out, you may need a team viewer session with @lubos.

@Russ, those .manager files with long names you have recovered from HDD are backup files you can import using Add businessRestore from backup procedure.

Have you tried that?

Yes. I get an error page. I will send a pic in a minute.