Auto-Payment Applications

Is it possible to disable auto-payment application for both Purchase Invoices and Sales Invoices?

Right now, I have struggle doing the recon of these things due to this auto-payment apps feature of the system.


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This feature cannot be disabled. Can you explain why and how applying account credits makes it difficult to reconcile things? This application of money owed one way or the other is what normally happens. Otherwise such credits might be forgotten.

Right now, we are doing some catch-up recording for the previous year’s transactions. Some of the APs weren’t basically fully paid, while some are overpaid (I believe the previous accountant has his reason doing this and that’s the thing I want to analyze). Anyway, Thanks for the response. I should drop this analysis and just focus on the overall net Payables then.


Disabling automatic credit allocation is not a solution. You want it to be disabled and then what? You will end up with even more confusing state such as having credit with suppliers and owing them money at the same time. Now try to reconcile that with your supplier.

So here is what I suggest. Make sure to enter all invoices from supplier and all payments to supplier. Manager will then tell you how much you owe this supplier (or how much credit you have). If this single figure agrees with what your supplier says, then you are basically reconciled.

If it doesn’t agree, then you didn’t record all purchase invoices and all payments as per supplier statement.