When we click on AuditTrail in cloud edition of, it shows all activities of users.

Activity—Business Name—UserName----Date & Time
We are having knowledge of checking which user did what activity but we are unable to trace that activity as we are unable to click on that activity so that could take us to that invoice, receipt, payment or any transaction that was performed.
It would be very nice if we can directly check the transaction or activity directly from AuditTrail, would be really appreciable.

User Tariq created a receipt, if i want to check which receipt was created so i could directly click on the Create Receipt on lift in audit trail and it takes me directly to that receipt.

Apologies for my bad English.

@naseerkhattak this is already in ideas category, waiting to be implemented Audit trails

if you do quick search you will see many topics about this

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Thank you Genti_Ge for updating.