ATO Payments for BAS

Currently, in Reckon Accounts, I pay the PAYG liability and the GST Liability from the various areas, which creates two entries in the cheque account.

I then reverse those payments form the cheque account, into the BAS Payable liability account using General Journal entires.

When the BAS is completed online via the ECI Interface, I make a single payment from the BAS Payable account to match the ATO payment amount => which is the combined PAYG and GST amounts.

Since the Cash Accounts will not allow journal entries, how do I process the PAYG, and GST payments, but still have one entry in the Cash Account for the combines amount?


Why do you need to this - it’s just complicating and duplicating everything.

When you make the actual ATO payment just process the split up directly to the PAYG and GST accounts instead of this BAS Payable account.

There’s a convenient section in one area for Paying Tax liabilities and a convenient section in Employees for paying Payroll liabilities (PAYG and Super). Which naturally creates two ATO Payments.

But I can see how manually making those payments instead would be easy enough to combine those two liabilities into a single payment.

And that, then, is the answer to my opening question, since Manager requires a manual process.

Thanks for clarifying this for me.