How to enter a BAS payment

Once I have used the GST calculation worksheet and paid the GST owing how do you account / enter this into Manager?

Allocate the payment to the Tax Payable liability account. If you have paid all BAS’s that were lodged with the ATO and not changed the tax code on any transactions since you lodged your BAS’s, the remaining balance of the Tax Payable account should be equal to the GST collected on sales minus the GST paid on purchases for the new BAS period.

Keep in mind the Summary shows GST/Tax payable on an accruals basis. If you are registered for GST on a cash basis you will need to create a cash basis balance sheet under Reports and compare the Tax Liability to the BAS Calculation Worksheet on a cash basis for the new BAS period.

Thanks Tony!
Do I allocate the BAS payment to the Tax Payable liability account via a journal entry ( which then creates a suspense item in the Summary, Other Liabilities below the Tax Payable ) or is there another way

How did you pay GST? From your bank account? Then go to Bank accounts tab and make Spend money transaction.