Assigning Realized & Unrealized Currency Gains to Different Categories


I am working through the new Currency Revaluations module and trying to adapt it for my use.

I want to assign the Realized Gains and Unrealized Gains to different Groups because realized gains/losses are taxable while unrealized gains/losses are not. I want to have my financials reflect that, but currently I cannot assign the these accounts to different Groups.

For example, when I set the two accounts to different Groups:

… both accounts still get categorized as “Other Revenue”, the Group assigned to Realized Gains:

Can these accounts actually be assigned to different Groups? Thanks in advance.

Your unrealized gains are assigned to a group you have not shown in any of your screen shots, a group named Other Gains (Losses), Net of Tax. To understand where you went wrong, it would be helpful to see your full chart of accounts.

I’m able to reproduce the issue. This was a bug. Fixed in the latest version (23.7.23)

Great, thank you!