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Today i am discuss a usefull thing and that is area wise customer saving and reporting.

In main summary add a new tab named area and when define a customer an area tab is appear in customer form.
In teports
1)Area wise customer summary
2) Area wise customer credit report
3) Area wise stock diliver report

have you tried using tracking codes in Manager? please read the guide regarding the same.

Please give the guide link @sharpdrivetek

Here you go @meesam Use divisions for the Profit and Loss Statement | Manager

@Karimi can tracking code apply on customer as area code or something.?

I tried but it not working as area

Tracking codes will not be applied when defining customers, @meesam. They are selected for line items on transactions. Read the Guide @Karimi linked. This will be a really tedious way of accomplishing what you want.

The simple answer is that there is no way to group customers in Manager that simultaneously separates transactions and lets you summarize things according to customer groups (which an area would be).

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Hello Managers,

I hope you all fine

i am trying to sort parties or customers by areas or location and i have done it by using Email box in new customer define page. its very use full to manage your credit report by area wise parties.

if any want this please try and reply .


@meesam, this procedure could create problems for users. The program actually uses the email field for built-in functionality—sending emails. Putting something else there, while you can certainly do it, will disable the ability to email anything to those customers.

A better approach would be to create a custom field for the area. Set it to show as a column. This will accomplish everything your email approach does, while also allowing you to run sales invoice reports according to that custom field.