API Integration Capabilities

How can I create a business through API

You cannot since all request methods for business are not implemented except for GET.

If you go to https://{your domain}/api and if you navigate the site then you will see all available methods for the given context.

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I have a clinics cloud management system and want to integrate it with manger.io.
So I need to automate the whole process from business creation to sync all finance transitions with manger through the API.
Is it available to schedule as an update?

No to both.
It is not available and you will not get a schedule as you are not contracting software development.

COA is the least likely component of Manager to support external update because of it’s central place in an accounting program so has the most internal consistency check requirements.

If you want to use Manager I suggest you reverse your thinking. Instead of insisting Manager software development be customised to your software ideas, how about you think about how your program flow could be adjusted to use Managers features.

I would start by creating a Manager business, customise it as desired, then use that as a template.

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Your suggestion is very good, but I will still need to import the template through an API.
I need once the user create an clinic at my system, create a business to this clinic at the same time

Unfortunately, business creation will have to done manually.