Allocating credit note to invoice

Thanks for the new credit note plugin but can we get some instructions on how to use it.

I’ve tried every which way to allocate it to an invoice but haven’t had much success

Allocation part will get easier but for the time being, there are two ways how to allocate credit from credit note. Either you simply refund customer the amount or you apply the amount to existing outstanding invoice to reduce (or eliminate) the outstanding balance

  • To refund customer, simply go to Bank Accounts or Cash Accounts tab to Spend money and use account Accounts Receivable, then select your credit note.

  • To apply credit note amount to outstanding invoice, go to Journal Entries to create New Journal Entry. Then credit account Accounts Receivable (then select sales invoice) and debit account Accounts Receivable (then select credit note).

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That’s fine

Thanks for the reply


For the 2nd part, do I have to create a credit note then do a journal entry?

Credit note form already contains a field called Credit where you can select sales invoice to which the amount from credit note should be applied to.

See: Guides | Manager

Thanks Lubos…