All journal entries for client are shown on invoices

All journal entries for invoices and payments received from the client are showing up on every invoice for that particular client. Soon our invoices will be many pages long because of these lists. How can I hide those entries from invoices that I send to our clients?

what journal entries are you talking about?

Invoicing and receiving payments do not require journal entries

Can you explain by posting screen images of an invoice

It sounds like you are referring to statements of the transaction type, @Kver. You should expect these things to show on a transaction statement. But @Joe91 is right: journal entries should not be involved at all.

Thanks for this quick reply.

This is in Icelandic, but the numbers refer to journal entries, and this is something I really need to be able to hide from my invoices. It has no relevance to my current invoice and I have never seen this on invoices before. Furthermore, the date is always the date of the current invoice and not the date of the original journal entry:

(Attachment journalentries.pdf is missing)

Here is the attachment in the correct format:

So what are these journal entries, @kver? Somehow, they have been posted to this customer, though perhaps not to this invoice. But Manager will allocate an undesignated credit to a sales invoice in order of due date. The date is the date of application and may not be the date of transaction entry.

This looks suspiciously like you are using journal entries to enter receipts and payments, which you cannot do in Manager, because you cannot post them to bank or cash accounts. So somewhere, possibly in your Suspense account, you have the other halves of these transactions floating around. I suggest reading these Guides: