Advice about Maneger

Good day.

Hope all is well.

I want to find out if this program is worth using for a pawnshop.Where we buy and sell second hand products.

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yes you can. you may download and try for yourself.

also, you will find helpful guides to setup your business up and running from scratch.

Yes, it is suitable for almost any business.
But you need to better define your accounting requirements for a fuller response.

Hi Brucanna.

Thank you for the respons.

We are looking for a program that we can use for stock takes.
Every day there is new items coming in.So we only really deal
with cash sales.We are running a pawn shop.So we are looking for
a easy way to put in stock sell and give quotes and invoices.

Kind regards

All the above can be done. I suggest that you download the Desktop Edition and create a test business and then experiment with the various features.

You can download by clicking the Desktop button in the top banner of the Forum homepage.