Advanced feature request: Sub-accounts for Billable Time

Rather than having all Billable Time entries fall into the same GL account, allow the user to set up and use sub-accounts under Billable Time, so each Billable Time entry can be allocated, for example, to a specific line of business (e.g. “Billable Time – Babysitting Services” vs. “Billable Time – Catering Services”).

Billable Time already has subaccounts–the customers. What you are asking can be accomplished with billable time categories. What you are asking for is to make control accounts multi-dimensional. That’s something that has been raised before but which hasn’t found much support.

Or perhaps what I’m asking for is more than one Billable time account. I’d like my business’s few time buckets to remain separate so I can see at a glance and without waiting for billings, for example, whether my babysitting activities are falling behind my catering activities, to help me adjust my business development efforts or to lead me to adjust my pricing structure for my various lines of service.

There has been mention of job-cost accounting in the future. Details have been sparse, but I think that would do what you want.

Job costing will deal with measuring profitability per job. This is more about splitting billable time among multiple income categories, correct? In that case custom control accounts will address this limitation.

Correct. Thanks.