Advance payment against issued PO


Lets say I have issued a PO to a supplier with some items and we have agreed that I will pay 30% of the value as advance. Can you please advise whats the recommended way to perform this so that the advance is linked to my PO?

I can create a purchase invoice of 30% but that payment will be against items but setting quantity but I dont want that way.

Requesting your advise.


Such advances are not linked to purchase orders. They are normally linked to suppliers’ subaccounts under Accounts payable. Read the Guide: Record supplier deposits and advances | Manager.

Purchase orders have no financial effect whatsoever. They are merely a convenient way of ordering things so they can later be copied to purchase invoices and payments.

Thanks for your prompt response but my question related to bank journal entry is not updated properly in my other post which probably has been misunderstood with this. Both are totally unrelated questions.

I have had used quickbooks before and found it very convenient where the journal entry allows me to post expenses and balance it with a bank account/petty cash account.

Here i was unable to find any such thing neither in the document/guides. My question should not be marked closed like that as it shows some disrespect. If this is the caliber of support for the first timer using your application, I am truly disheartened whereas I was beginning to find this interesting

You may have been editing or deleting another question as it was being answered, causing both the question and answer to disappear from the forum. Whatever happened, your question about journal entries to bank accounts was previously answered, but has now disappeared. So I re-opened the topic about journal entries and will answer your question again there.

Thanks Tut. This post has been answered already. I will refer to the other post you have re-opened.