Adding word Sales to sales invoice

is it possible to change to title of the sales invoice from Invoice to Sales invoice same as purchase invoice it is stated in the voucher Purchase Invoice but Sales invoice it is only stated Invoice.

can you please add to the invoice title in arabic

current name الفاتورة
change to Sales invoice which means فاتورة مبيعات
Tax sales invoice to be like فاتورة مبيعات ضريبية

Titles can be changed with custom themes. See this Guide: Manager Cloud.

But it would be very unusual to label a sales invoice as a Sales Invoice. Invoice is a much more common term. However, in your country, regulations require that sales invoices applying a tax code be labeled as Tax Invoice, which happens automatically if you use a Saudi Arabian tax code. (Not Tax Sales Invoice.)

If you change your language preference, the necessary translation should happen automatically.