Adding documents while entering transactions in Manager


Documents can only be attached to a transaction in Manager when you view that transaction. It would be great if we could attach a document at the same moment as we enter the transaction. Now we have to switch from entering to viewing. It is more productive and efficient if we could add the document the same moment. Is it possible to enable this?
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i believe the reason is because you will need a supporting document only after creating an actual record of the relevant transaction.
@Hennie anyway your suggestion is still a good idea to avoid additional steps for attaching documents to transactions.

I think @sharpdrivetek is correct. When on the entry/Edit page, you are creating or modifying a database record. An attachment is not part of a transaction record. (Notice, for example, that if you do a batch operation, there is no column for attachments.)

I don’t know how attachments are stored in the file, but the mechanism is clearly different from entering other accounting data.

Usually you receive a purchase invoice before you can enter the purchase invoice as a transaction. So the document is already there so why can’t it be entered at the same time as you enter the enter the transaction

Even when the attachment is not part of the database record why can’t the attachment be entered directly after creating the transaction. The transaction window is closed immediately after hitting the “create” button. Before closing the window, a question could be asked “do you want to add an attachment”. Store the transaction in the database and open the “add a document” routine. Problem solved I would say.
I agree that bulk transactions is a different kind of transaction and I think that the majority of users enter single transactions instead of bulk transactions.

What’s your opinion about this. Feasible or not?

I am not saying it could not be done your way. I was only agreeing with @sharpdrivetek and explaining why things are probably separate.

To be completely accurate, only the entry page is closed when you click Create. The View page is immediately opened. At that point, you can directly add an attachment without the need to answer any question. So I’m not convinced your approach would save any time, and might actually take longer.

I’m supporting Hennie’s request due to cut short small additional steps. In my point of view any relevant input data to that particular records should be done completely in a single step.

There are two ways I’m doing accounting particularly with manager. One is dependently using manager’s form generator as document (evidence) because usually the initial businesses usually never have COA before.

Another is the company has its own COA and has its own document (evidence) compiled, then I’m usually using manager as report generator.

This is important to proritise methodology according to client’s account and background the way I’m using manager.

My first argument relating to the second scenario.

@Hennie what i meant was you will need a record of your transaction in Manager first before you can add a supporting document to it. a physical record may or may not be entered in Manager due to user negligence or for any reason. maybe this was the same thought developer had when making the attachment feature available in Manager.

like i said earlier, i do support your idea to make the transaction entry and doc attachment in a single entry screen. but i am not sure how it will save time or reduce the number of steps involved.

at present the user is taken to the view screen after creating a transaction and you click on the New Attachment button, select the document and its done. your suggestion would have the same number of steps involved as you would have to select the entry field to browse for the attachment and then select the document.

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I also support Hennie’s request. Especially now the new feature ‘Create And Another’ is introduced on the input screen.

Technically, the attachment is stored somewhere in the database with its own ID. So you can attach the document(s) to the transaction during input. The connection between the document and the transaction is lost when an attachment is created but the transaction is cancelled. So you have a document wandering around in the database. And so far as I know, you can’t find it anymore…

A document repository would come in handy. There you can see documents and its related transaction(s). Maybe that was the idea behind Folders?

@lubos Am also suggesting if you could create an attachment for a document to be added when preparing a budget on the P&L.

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What you say is partially right. the view window is opened when you enter only one invoice.
When you click on “Add another one” the view window doesn’t appear. So an extra argument to have the possibility to add an attachment when we are in the entering mode.
But to be honest I don’t expect that this, along with all the other requests and suggestions for (efficiency) improvements will be honoured and implemented.

Sorry, I’m beginning to lose confident in the future of this product. Since a couple of months nothing really happened with the product.
The developer doesn’t answer questions, doesn’t give any hint or whatsoever about what is going to happen. This really worries me.


Make sure you have a copy of the download - so that you can always continue with Manager even if it disappeared although that seems unlikely. But …