Adding a factor for statements

I need to check my financial statements in different currencies. I mean; When I’m having P&L statement sometimes the report has to be in different currency. Is it possible to add a “factor” before make the report ready .That would be really simple.

Example; Base of currency is USD but i need to see Renminbi (Chinese - CNY) results so on editing part could contain a factor space that would calculate automatically? (Factor; The number; can choose manually)

This is not possible. Prior transactions in multiple currencies with varying exchange rates would produce different results. If you want to manipulate a report at a certain date, export it to a spreadsheet.

I don’t mention about transactions, Anyhow If you prepare a P/L statement that has to be at a cretain date. Manager could take the final results and calculate them. Spreadsheet will take time and always there will be a risk to make a mistake.

A P&L covers a range of dates and summarizes transactions in that time period. The numbers it presents are traceable to individual transactions.

So i’m saying;

If my date range : 01.01.2017 - 30.09.2017
If my incomes total during period: 3000 USD

If i multiply 3000 with 3. I’m wondering how it’s impossible ?

Because there could be hundreds of transactions involved. The report allows drilling down on every number to the underlying transactions. It isn’t a matter of multiplying a few numbers on the report by a factor.

I think what they saying by “I don’t mention about transactions” is that once the base currency report has been multiplied by the conversion factor, that amended report becomes just static numbers, no drill down is required.

Not if you establish “master” spreadsheets with locked formulas, then all you need to do is drop in the data and enter the conversion factor.

Not impossible, just impractical at this stage.