Accounts receivable colour code?


Currently invoice selection from drop down list for accounts receivable shows all invoices paid or not. In future you said that you would include the ability to close invoices to limit choices on list. I not sure how that would work but I currently would find it helpful if invoices could be colour coded according to whether they are open or closed (green or red). I do make data entry errors and may want to reselect invoices for a particular payment and may want to see closed invoices to redo entries. Any thoughts?


Yes, I’m planning to put in ability to “close” invoices so only “open” invoices will show as sub-accounts under Accounts receivable. The only reason I haven’t done so yet is because it’s only becoming an issue as people have more invoices. So expect this to be done either later this month or early next month.


I noticed that in December 2013 you had plans of eliminating the Paid invoices in the drop down list in accounts receivable? Is this still going to happen? Furthermore, is it possible to include the original invoice amount in the drop down list to ensure the payment being allocated is in fact the same amount as the invoice? Thanks Jan


I think you may be using an obsolete version of Manager, @bbas. Accounts receivable are not viewed directly. Sales invoices can be viewed, and the listing includes original amount, balance due, and color-coded status.


Thank You TUT for your reply, however, I am referring to a post made by LUBOS back in Dec 2013 when he claimed intentions to “close” invoices which show as sub accounts under the accounts receivable-(refer to his post…) When allocating payments directly from the bank account, it can be very frustrating to not see the invoice details receiving the allocation( it does not even say if the invoice is closed or not or the original amount of the invoice, let alone any outstanding amounts owing), Yes I can keep switching from the bank account to the sales invoices to see its details, but this is also time consuming. I would be happy to allocate the payment from the sales invoices tab, but the bank account balance will then be thrown out of whack until I delete the imported receipt. I’m only asking because I did come across LUBOS’s comments made 2 years ago. I dont think I could be using an outdated version as I am cloud based and understand that I am up to date with all changes, but thankyou for your interest and comments anyway.


Yeah. I know I haven’t done it yet but it’s mostly because I have implemented a concept called “automatic credit allocation” which means if you don’t know invoice number customer is paying for, then you can simply allocate the payment to Customer credits account (instead of Accounts receivable) and Manager will do the allocation for you automatically.

So why not use this special account to allocate all payments from customers to it?