About Employee salary issue

I want pay salary to my staff direct cash payment, is there any option to direct cash payment, no pay slip.

You could create new account chart under expenses and name it Salary so every time you need to pay employee cash just go to cash account spend money select salary from expenses and put name of employee in description.

would you please give a example with picture?

-Go to settings => Chart of Accounts
-Create new account

-Name it Salary under expenses group

-Whenever you want to pay employee you go to Cash Accounts => Spend Money => Select Salay from account/expenses.

Thank you very much for your support. In this case no need to add name under employee? and in this case how could I see the statement of salary?

You can view summary for the account not statement this is just a work around for not using employees and payslips

Edit: Some users have other methods, they could share other suggestions. as my self i prefer using the Payslips