A few Feature requests - Automatic GST calculation and Printing multiple items

I think this software is excellent!

I have a few suggestions/requests to make it even better:

1. The GST should be calculated automatically. Eg: if my invoice is $1000 and I select GST (10%) to be applied, the GST ($100) should be automatically applied to total: $1100. The breakdown on the invoice would remain the same:

Total: $1000
GST: $100
Balance Due: $1100

The current way can be hard if say the total was $1264.71 and you want to apply GST to it. You would have to calculate 10% of $1264.71 ($126.47) then add it together = $1391.18, input this amount as the total and click the “apply GST button.”

2. Would be great if there was an option to print/email all/multiple items: invoices, quotes, bills etc.

That’s it for now, as I said, really great software!

1.) There is a plugin for this called “Tax Exclusive Pricing on Invoices”, just enable it and try to create new invoice
2.) Ability to print multiple customer statements at once is coming but what would be benefit of printing multiple invoices/quotes at once?

Got it, perfect!

The benefit (for me at least) is to be able to send all invoices to my bookkeeper, or print hard copies for filing.

Certainly not essential, but I can see it being handy to export multiple items at once rather than one by one.

Again, no biggie.