[16.5.6] Merged bank accounts into cash accounts tabs

So, an emploee that has to clear an unpaid invoice, that’s been paid to the bank (lets say that the customer sended the receipt via email), cannot do that payment, unless he or she has access to that particular bank account?

@AntonisV, that’s how current implementation works. I think it’s how it should be. If you imply employee cannot see some bank account, they shouldn’t be posting any payments or deposit transactions into this bank account.

If you want this employee be able to process bank deposits, I guess the best way would be to physically open new bank account just for this purpose. Then in Manager, employees could have access to this bank account as it would only contain deposits from customers.

Exactly, so like @lubos said, create a temporal customer deposit account for the user or users where they will receive. The senior officer will then edit the transactions seen in that account periodically to zero it out, re-posting them. The user will just have to enter details with regards to the bank account the funds were received in to help the re-poster complete the transaction.

Actually I didn’t mean to create “workaround” account, I meant to open physically new bank account in the bank which employees could have access to in Manager. Of course, dummy bank account is also an option but I don’t like workarounds.

Hey Lubos,

is it possible to change the decimals in the cash accounts to more than 2? Since bitcoins is impossible to work with just 2 decimals… in the older version my bitcoin wallet was always with more than 2 decimals but it somehow changed with the new update

Good point. The latest version is fixing this issue.

Going for the Dumy account asap. Here is Greece, it’s too compicated to open a business account this times. Thanks for the input.

I like this update on the grounds that it removes a tab from the left hand side and fixes issues that I was not even aware of such as searching all bank accounts for a transaction! Well done.

I have simply edited my bank account names to include the institution, but I do agree with others - I don’t see the logic in removing the name of the institution column. But otherwise, reading through the comments here I see how the cash account works very well. Thank you.

@dalacor, you can create custom fields and show them as columns under Cash Accounts tab.

HI @lubos I am aware that you can create a custom as I read the whole thread. The point I was making is that it is pretty likely that everyone will want to have the name of the institution, so I cannot see the reason for the removal of that column given that its a column I imagine everyone would have actually used.

As I only have two accounts it doesn’t bother me, but I just thought that I would point that out.

@lubos is it possible to enable show custom field as a column for Payment and Receipt costume fields? I have requested for this before but didn’t get it. I want to display cheque numbers among the columns.

Just updated. I think this way is better. One tab less.:smiley:

The introduction picture of this topic shows a type column that I don’t see after updating to 16.5.32. Has this been removed now ? EDIT : Already been explained here [16.5.32] Added ability to create custom control accounts for cash accounts

A consideration could also be to show the custom control account as a column since this can span over multiple accounts ? (since 16.5.32)

We can add a custom field like Account Number to Cash Accounts, but can we also add that field to custom sales invoice template using something like:
{{ cash_account['<Account Name>'].custom_fields['<Account Number>'] }} or
{{ cash_account.custom_fields['<Account Name>.<Account Number>'] }}


Hello, i have a new computer and i want manager on it, but i want an old version where there was one cash and one bank tab. For me it’s not clear now. This was the reson why i wanted manager in the first place. I am terrible in accounting but with this program it was oke but i’m all confused now. I’m from Holland so sorry for the terribly English writing and that’s also the reason why i don’t get some of the changes. Please help me to get Manager in an old form, other wise i have to take a new accounting program. Thank you

Having only one tab for both the Cash & Bank accounts shouldn’t be confusing for you if you use the code field to replace the tab - see below

But to answer your question regarding old version, When you downloaded Manager on your previous computer did you do a “save as” or a “run”. If you did a “save as”, then you could copy that file across to the new computer and double click the file to install. Noting, that you must uninstall any newer editions of Manager first - the above is for a Windows computer, Mac maybe different.

@Meijgen, I strongly recommend against using an old version of Manager. Just a few reasons:

  1. No software support for obsolete versions.
  2. Any data file that has been opened by a newer version should never be used with an older version. All Manager updates are backwards compatible, but sometimes they modify the data structure. So data files that have been opened by newer versions may be corrupted if opened by older versions
  3. All support discussion on this forum is in terms of current version.
  4. All Guides with instructions are for current version as they are written. When updated, they are updated to the current version.

In accounting, all sources and repositories of money for transactions are considered cash accounts. So bank and cash accounts are now included in the same tab, Cash Accounts. They are distinguished during setup or editing by ticking the box to indicate whether they are maintained by a financial institution.

If you really want them to appear separately on your balance sheet, that can be done with custom control accounts. See this release note:

But if you are inexperienced at accounting, as you say you are, that may be more confusing to set up than you can manage.

hello , i am quiet new here ,i want to know if the above discussion is about a software for cashbook computation? if yes how do i get one. thanks

To get the Desktop edition, click on Desktop Edition at the top of the Forum Home Page

Thank you for your time and answer @Tut.
I stil want 2 different accounts. I almost never read the forum discussion because acounting is difficult in English and i don’t get it. So for me it’s time to look for an other program.
I have a salon and i really want cash payments and bank payments separate. Maybe it’s not that difficult in Manager but i don’t see it. And it would help if there is a goed explanation in Dutch but there isn’t.

If you define one cash account for your bank account and a second cash account for your petty cash, you will have two different accounts. In fact, if you updated your software from a previous version that showed separate tabs, they were automatically converted.

If you click on the Cash Accounts tab, you will see both accounts. You can do all the things you could do before. You do not have to switch between tabs for things like transfers. If you click on Cash & cash equivalents in the Summary, you also see both accounts.

The advantage now is that both are available in the same place. And both behave exactly the same way, with one exception. If you do not check the box for a petty cash account saying it is maintained by a financial institution, you will not have the options to indicate that deposits and withdrawals are pending. That is because in a petty cash account, they never are pending. They are always immediate.