[16.5.32] Added ability to create custom control accounts for cash accounts

After creating control account for customers, How to put customers in that control account

As in cash account we can define control account while editing that account .


@hasan that is not ready yet. The control account works for only cash accounts now.

I have made an update to Version 16.5.49 Server edition, the Control Accounts is not found. Or is there any setup that I need to make to have it appear?

@success127 It has been moved to chart of accounts. Open up Chart of Accounts and select the account that you want to make a custom control account. Not all accounts are Custom Control Accounts yet. Only some are.

Read the first post in this thread, which announced the change.

@dalacor please you said “some are” so apart from Cash control account what else is ready at the moment?

I don’t know. You need to check the ones you want to use as a control account and see if they have a custom control tick box.

@lubos Would you be able to update the release notes for when custom control accounts is added for different things. For example, I am waiting on custom control accounts for inventory.

Also would it be possible to have a plus option next to any custom control account that has more than five accounts - for example if you look at @Brucanna’s post 11 days ago - he has Cash Holidings and under that he has Petty Cash, Transaction Accounts, Savings Accounts and Term Deposits. He might in theory have another 5 accounts that would go under this, with the result that it makes the Summary Page really long.

I will be having this problem when I have Inventory - Laptops, Inventory Computers, Inventory Whiteboards etc. What I would like is Sales of Inventory with total and Cost of Inventory with Total and I could click on the plus sign next to it to see all the Inventory Sections such as laptops or Projectors etc. I like the idea of using custom control accounts to enable me to see quickly what Inventory I make money on etc. But I don’t want a summary page with 20 Inventory Categories on it.

Those were summary headings - each heading contains a multiple of accounts.

Perhaps there needs to be Custom Control accounts tiers (groups). First tier being Computers with second tiers of Desktops, Laptops, Notebooks etc. With the Custom Control account tiers being created by a similar method used to create COA Groups. The following are all New Groups not New Accounts.

Possibly a future refinement once the basic system has been bedded down and after Budgeting.

I didn’t realise that they were summary headings. In short, what I am really looking for is the ability to see sales of computers, laptops, whiteboards etc as well as purchases of computers, laptops and whiteboards and just get a general idea of income from each inventory group. I am currently using Tracking Codes, but I have to remember to put the tracking code in for inventory items as inventory items does not have the ability to set a default tracking code. Lubos indicated that custom control accounts is the way that he would prefer to accomplish this and leave tracking codes for project management.

I’m definitely missing a couple of things here:

  1. I created a custom Control asset account, but I couldn’t create any accounts underneath it. What am I missing? (I’m running v.16.5.55.)

Then when I try to create a new account, I don’t see My Custom Control Account among the options for putting a new account under:

  1. @Lubos had indicated previously that when Custom Control Accounts were implemented, we’d be able to split Billable Time among multiple income categories. However, when I try to create a custom Control expense account, there doesn’t seem to be an option to make an expense account a Control account. There also doesn’t seem to be any way to map a built-in concept (like Billable Time) to one or more custom Control accounts. Again, what am I missing here?

@Jon, custom control accounts are still work in progress. It’s what I’m currently working on.

Glad to hear. It seems from what others posted above that they’ve been able to create custom control asset accounts already, but I can’t do it. I guess the latest version doesn’t allow it for the moment, while you continue to work on adding to the new feature. Thanks. I’ll sit tight.

You can do it for Cash Accounts only at the moment. You can’t have custom control account for billable time yet.

@jon - the example above was created by using COA New Group - merely as a way of illustrating:
“With the Custom Control account tiers being created by a similar method used to create COA Groups”

I still can’t seem to create any sub-accounts under my new cash custom control account. See my screenshots above. I created a new account and ticked the Control account box, but then when I try to create a new cash account, there’s no apparent way to put the new account under my new custom control account. What am I doing wrong?

@Jon create cash account under the Cash Accounts tab, you will see a field where you you choose the control account of choice. You won’t get to select the control account in chart of accounts, I think ability to place an account created in chart of account into a control account will come later

Thank you, @abeiku. That’s the answer. I was trying to create my new account in the Settings tab, via Chart of Accounts. I hadn’t thought to try to do it in the Cash Accounts tab.

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