Zapier and

Hi there I’m working on an integration between Zapier and Manager.

I’m capturing data from one APP and then using a Zapier Webhook to send a POST to Manager API.

It works really nice, but I’m having trouble mapping the custom fields. For example, I have the following dataset for a new supplier to I want to POST:

  "Name": "My Office Panama Inc.",
  "Email": "",
  "Address": "Panama City",
  "CustomFields": {
    "f9032f1f-4a56-4b83-8c22-d3bc60f64353": "155596024-2-2015",
    "54073d1f-1736-4dc5-ab4f-fe37782c79b7": "17",
    "e28794d7-806b-4fe6-9919-8b48f5906948": "David",
    "33e4168b-d19a-47db-8f36-a729f7002a76": "3957497",
    "2dc19d65-cb6d-4355-80b3-85d079df269d": "62072268",
    "bc796239-897f-45d5-93d4-2471ca64a68e": "This is a note"

In Zapier, I have the following fields to fill:

The thing is that I haven’t found how to pass the array of the custom files correctly. I’m getting the following error:

Screen Shot 2020-02-18 at 5.11.37 PM

Any help will be appreciated. Thanks!


i really dont have any knowledge about this.

but i wanted to know is it possible to export daily sales/purchase & daily receipt/payments to excel sheet using zapier ?
if yes, can anyone got the solution for this?

Thank you

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