Writing off

There is a topic on writing off, but I don’t really understand it and I think it’s not about the same issue ( Bad debt / wire-off ).

I asked my question over there, but didn’t got an answer. So I’m still searching :smile:

Since I have also a write-off, I would like to check if I did it correctly. I’m a pedicab-driver and I bought and paid my pedicab. I put it in “fixed assets”. I don’t know exactly how anymore, but I choose “accumulated depreciation”. There I put 1/5th of the paid amount. I could not make the write-off automatically. Is this the correct way?

Hi @Taxicletter. Yes, you did it correctly.

You can read more about how to write off/depreciate in the guides: http://www.manager.io/guides/fixed-assets/depreciating-fixed-asset/.

Thank you! I’m sorry to ask a question where I could find the answer for myself, it has been a while and I forgot about the manual.

I probably used the guide you mentioned :smile: