VAT Reverse Charge Method


I need to use the RCM but it isn’t calculating the VAT correctly
Invoice amount GBP17.62 and is calculating the VAT at GBP4.00 based on 20%
I tried altering the VAT rate to different rates and it appears to be rounding the VAT up or down to the nearest GBP1

Any one else having this problem ?

First, are you following procedures for RCM VAT outlined in this Guide:

Second, if you are, post screen shots to illustrate this problem. Include the Edit screen from a transaction where your RCM VAT code is applied and from wherever you are seeing the tax amounts you believe are incorrect.

I have followed the guide and it appears to be set up correctly, its just the calculations that are incorrect.

It is also not inserting the figures into the VAT calculation worksheet neither

The miscalculation of VAT seems to be a bug. I am putting this into the bugs category for that.

On your second question, RCM VAT will not appear on the VAT Calculation Worksheet because it is a custom tax code. Since the program cannot predict what custom tax codes might be created, only built-in tax codes are included in any of the tax worksheets.

Thank you Tut, the bugs category seems as good a place as any !!!

My apologies on the VAT calculation sheet, I can now remember reading that previously.

Tax Summary report fixed in the latest version (19.2.11).

The reverse charge tax value does not appear in the report