VAT Return Form for Saudi Arabia

Dear @lubos can you please assist on below. VAT import calculation how it is calculated.

VAT Return Form for Saudi Arabia

@abdulbari the latest version (19.5.75) should fix VAT on import issue.


@ismail how does VAT Transaction Report which you need to submit look like?

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This is almost the same as the Tax Transactions Report in the Manager system now.
these are the issues to fix

  1. For the sales, purchase, payments of normal business, the existing TAx Transaction report is perfect with the single summary of amount. But VATID of buyer or seller (which is captured in the business identifier) have to be displayed in Report.

  2. The main issue - expense claim bill expected to have more than one TAX/VAT transactions, (employee record all his expneses met in the month at end of month), So the existing Tax Transaction report displays the sum total of all such expenses as one single VAT amount but the service provider/suppliers are different.
    Employee enters the invoice no and VATID of each transaction in the line items of the expense claim . - so this need to be displayed in the TAX Transaction. May be you can bring one more TAX transaction report that deal with expense claims only.

@lubos, please can we see the Tax Transactions Reports on Expense claim line items.

@ismail, can you please clarify what you mean? Expense claims allow you to apply tax codes just like other transactions. What do you think you should see that you don’t? In other words, why do you think expense claims are different from sales invoices or purchase invoices?

You may be referring to the result of expense claims not being tied to supplier ledgers. That is because the transaction was not with a supplier, but with an expense claims payer.

Please see this example ,this expense claim ref "440032032",

Wheras the exisiting Tax Report gives like below
as both transaction combined to one total amount in the report, (the last line same Reference - 440032032)

And finally

Purchase and Sale invoices are treated perfect in Tax Report as each transaction( either a sale or a purchase ) is irresepective of their line items, just the total sum is enough because all the line items are pertains to one outside party (one VAT supplier/service provider) .

Expense claim = possibility of having more lines (more suppliers) means more than one supplier VAT-ID. ->so it is necessary to display document reference number ( this reference will repeat if there is more than one VAT supplier) and each line item with its supplier VAT/TAX-ID.
Sale Invoice = whatever be the number of lines, all pertains to only one supplier. ->so it is enough to display docuement reference and supplire VAT/TAX-ID

This is where you misunderstand expense claims. As I wrote before, expense claims are not tied to suppliers. Your business’ transaction was with the expense claims payer, not the supplier. Perhaps you noticed that when you entered the expense claim you did not select a supplier.

If your local tax regulations require you to produce a report tied to individual suppliers, you have two choices:

  • Export the report from Manager and manually edit it to include suppliers from expense claims.
  • Do not use expense claims for transactions with suppliers for whom you must report transactions. This might require a change in your accounting and payment practices.

When im using it for last 2 years i clearly know expense claim not tied to suppliers.
And also know that the expense claim and sales & purchase entries cannot be treated same because of its difference of approach on header and lines.

To export and manually edit is ok if is once a while requirement. it is the current active and continous requirement. so dont give that option please.

only solution possible is to have a seperate TAX report for the expense claim, i hope you can understand it is a clear good requirement as good as the existance of the expense claim.
expense claim is record expenses met out at random to any X,Y Z who may not even repeat in next transaction, so its not important to record or tie the supplier. But his VAT ID and individual VAT amount is important to report because of the VAT rules.

@ismail, you need to consult a local accountant, tax advisor, or the tax authority itself to determine how to handle this.

You have a basic problem created by KSA regulations. If you must record VAT ID numbers for all payments, you may need to stop using expense claims. Your transaction recorded by an expense claim is with the payer, not the supplier with a VAT ID who sold the goods or services. And your payer is very unlikely to be registered with a VAT ID number. So an expense claim simply will not satisfy KSA regulations on its own. The authority may not be satisfied by substitution of one person’s ID number for another’s, either.

Not all features of Manager can be used in all jurisdictions. But if local regulations allow the substitution of the original seller’s VAT ID in place of your expense claims payer’s (probably) nonexistent one, a custom field could help you keep track of the information and prepare the report.

Understand, however, that Manager has no mechanism for transferring information from a record it does not contain to one it does. That is what you are asking for: Manager does not contain the record of your expense claims payer’s original purchase from the seller. It contains only the records of the claim on your business by the payer and your subsequent reimbursement or capital account adjustment.

I have created a multi tax codes(custom tax rate) for business support reasons, unfortunately it is not calculated in the VAT Return Form for Saudi Arabia,the VAT Return Form seems only showing the default tax rate , can you please look in to it to make all the tax codes shows in the VAT Return Form?

That cannot happen, @majed404. There is no way the report can be programmed to include tax codes you invent. Localized reports only work with known local tax codes.

Hi @Tut Tut, please, the program sold in saudi have to support to its local law. its very rightly that @Lubas and Manager is implementing the Regional settings.

for @majed404 it is only a 5% tax code applicable in saudi, probably you added a 100% tax code where Tax comes as pre calculated like on bank charges and customs VAT, this is correctly coming in the Tax Transaction report now, but yes we want to know how the each field in new Saudi Tax Transaction rerport is populated.

the expense claim purely the office expense and come in a proper P&L expense head though the employee paid and reimburse collectively at month end. so all these expenses have a bill and supplier VAT ID. these can be put in the description column and same gets populated in Tax Transaction report.
ok if this you cannot make it than the best solution to put system in its maximum utilization by knowing the knack, Simply, for each transaction of VAT involved expense, make a separate expense claim. period. :slight_smile:

Hi, received mail on the inclusion of Localization for Saudiarabia.
i did the download on the desktop and checked one tried the VAT Return Form before i go on server.

i think the calculation of point 8 VAT amount 5617 is correctly picked up by the tax code (Vat on Customs) but the value of import amount 112340 looks a calculated ( because Manager cannot find purchase invoice of related VAT transaction) value based on 5%, , but this not always exactly correct.
Purchse invoice is Euro 23865 x exchange rate = 100268. where as report showing 112340
See below the customs document.

Ok, now, look at item10) zero rated purchase, this is the SAR equalant to purchase invoice of Euro 23865 ( small difference possibly due to system exchange rate), Fine. but, is not item 10 and item 8 amounts are same and when added is duplicated ?

Localization not only means the VAT, This is makes mandatory for the invoices to be in Arabic and English, i have fixed the header labels in english and arabic through custom theme already. but it should be in system build. and the use of system in dual language on same time by different user to be considered too. - its already in ideas i think, just a reminder.
Please move this to correct topic

That is not quite correct. Your law requires Arabic when the tax invoice is in a foreign language. But Arabic alone is completely acceptable. The choice to use dual languages was yours.

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You are not understanding, this was was put by couple of others too in the forum. For sure any documentation in only arabic is very very accepted by the Government offices. But who prepare the business operation and document handling are not only the Arabs, they are non-arabs and expatriates. so both language is surely needed you see.
The sample invoice i put in this thread is to a chinease company in saudi.

That was my only point. You were claiming that dual-language capability was mandatory.

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