Unrealized entry not supported

I tried to made an unrealized FX JE regarding a foreign account at the year end (31 Dec 2016).
The base currency is EUR and the foreign currency is GBP (i.e. Accounts Payable). I noticed that the software does not support unrealized FX JE on foreign balances.

The JE regarding the year end balance should be as follows:
DR/CR: Accounts Payable Base Currency: Amount ____ Foreign Currency: Should Not br affected
_CR/DR: Unrealized FX Base Currency: Amount ____ Foreign Currency: Should Not be affected

After I recorded the JE , I noticed that the foreign currency was also changed, This is wrong.

I don’t think you should be using a JE to adjust the Accounts Payable. Try going to Settings / Exchange Rates and creating an exchange rate for 31 Dec 2016.

Then on the Summary page Set Period to end on 31 Dec 2016. Does the Account Payable show the balance that you were expecting?

Yes, it works.

The accounting entry is correct and is performed automatically.