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@Tut can you redirect me to the thread that explains why the above are light grey. I have searched but can not seem to find it. Did find one of you closing thread as it was discussed somewhere else but I can not seem to find it.
Thanks in advance

My guess is summarised in this thread Bank import sort order
Several other threads are linked to the first post. If you click on their links you will see not everyone likes the bank import change.

@Patch No I dont I am old Ha ha and can not see it very well even with my glasses !
I hope enough people complain and he changes it back.
I was trying to find the reason why he changed it in the first place so I could understand the change because he does not just change things with out a good reason normally

My guess at the reason is described in the second post of the above linked thread

  • Uniform screen behaviour across Manager
  • Continuing to display completed transaction records but putting them at to bottom of the list and greyed out consistent with their “Inactive” work flow status

Both of which I think are excellent reasons for the general behaviour.

My concern with the implementation for Bank import is; transactions not covered by an existing bank rule are not “Inactive” from a work flow perspective. Quite the reverse, they currently need more attention.

I’m not sure what the optimal solution is, but guess Lubos will revisit it at some time. However with the other major back end changes currently occurring, I would assume now is not an appropriate time.

@Patch I can live with it but at end of tax time I will need new glasses lol

To the best of my recollection, no explanation was ever offered.

@Tut OH Ok Thank you