Trial Balance report - show ALL accounts?

I may have missed something, but all the trial balance reports I have run collapse all the ‘Bank Accounts’ to a single line.

My simple view of a Trial Balance is that it lists every account with its current balance, and the whole thing arithmetically nets to zero.

I’m needing a list of bank accounts and their balances (there are quite a few)

I wondered if Custom Reports would do this, but I couldn’t find a guide showing the schema to start constructing a SQL request - I’m guessing that that is what a custom report is?

Where should I be looking for the info?



The trial balance only lists accounts, not sub-accounts.
If you are needing a list of bank accounts and their balances, click on the Cash Accounts tab then right click on the screen - select print preview or print.

Also, the new feature Custom Control Accounts allows you to list/place individual accounts (or groups of accounts) on to the balance sheet, then these will list on the trial balance. (The latest versions has this feature as part of Settings - COA, Earlier versions (from 16.6.32) had it set up as a separate Settings function)

Thank you for this.

I’ll have to upgrade then. But that means regression testing… (sigh)

I understand how you are referring to sub accounts as being a part of their parent heading, but I’d say that any account with a balance is an account, and therefore should appear on a Trial Balance, where it can be ticked off, and there are no hiding places.


Did the upgrade. The info I need is printed now -many thanks.

Great support. On a Sunday too!