Transport, Load and Unload of items during purchase and sales

In my firm, I pay for transport and loading unloading in cash/credit when I purchase.
Also Transport load unload is arranged by me in cash/credit for my customers.

Hence transportation loading and unloading are part of my purchase and sales invoice. How to manage this?

Purchase payment can be cash/credit.
Sales payment received can be in cash/credit.

When you are purchasing inventory items, do you pay for delivery to your supplier or directly to different 3rd-party company?

While purchase and sales delivery, I pay directly to third party…

Then record this payment as separate Spend money transaction under Bank accounts tab if paid out of your business bank account. Or Cash accounts tab if paid out of cash on hand.

Categorize these payments under Delivery expenses account which you should create under your Chart of Accounts in Settings tab.

Great thanks :slight_smile:

then the transaction will effect the expenses but not on the product directly. is there any way we can directly add transport & labour charges to particular item automatically while entering purchase invoice.

@infrasol, have you tried categorizing amount paid to Inventory on hand account while setting quantity to zero? This should increase value of inventory on hand for relevant inventory items without increasing its quantity.

@lubos thank you. its working. :smile: