Times filter not working anymore in themes

i’m using cloud version, and today the times filter not working. it always return 0.
before it was working fine. What’s wrong?

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You need to explain your question more clearly. What “times filter” are you referring to? Please illustrate with screen shots.

2023-01-05 23_25_34-PB OKH (trial) — Theme — test — Edit
2023-01-05 23_25_51-PB OKH (trial) — Theme — test — View

screenshots above

I can reproduce this and am placing the topic in bugs. Other math filters all seem to work.

Thanks Tut, will be waiting for the bug fix.

I should warn you, the developer considers custom themes to be an obsolete feature. So I do not know if the bug will receive attention.

As long as there’s no alternate/replacement provided for custom themes, then I guess we all will still need it right now. Any plan for the Themes replacement?

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You can search and read about that here in the forum.

Fixed in the latest version (23.1.9)