The suggestion to input account

Input account must have a different structure of the output account.
Through inbound account must enter all the goods stocks with all its elements, such as:

  • Item,
  • Product Name,
  • unit of measure,
  • The quantity,
  • The cost price,
  • Total cost,
  • Discount or rebate
  • Purchase costs,
  • Predicted percentage margin,
  • The difference in price (as productivity of determining the margin, or earnings)
  • selling price.

I do not like what you are at cost price and the selling price directly responsible for their in-stock, not on the input invoice. There is a difference between velprodajne and retail cost price calculations.
If there is a possibility that the focus on these options.

Thank you.

@Dado am sorry your post is very confusing. I didn’t even get one understanding from what you said.
Please what are you talking about exactly?

@dado, you are not using terminology that makes any sense. There are no such things in accounting as inbound accounts and outbound accounts. It seems you may be referring to purchase invoices. But they do not include many of the items you list, nor should they.

Before making suggestions for changes to this program, I suggest you read the Guides and gain more experience with the program.