Tax PPh 23 2% (witholding tax) and PPn (VAT)

How to add tax on sales invoice tax PPh 23 2% (witholding tax) and PPn (VAT) Thanks

See Create and use tax codes | Manager
Account for withholding tax on sales invoices | Manager


that’s the result if i use multiple tarif at menu tax code

the result is more like amount at PPh 23

You should use 23.2 (remove the space between 23 and 2)

it just label not use to count

Did you follow the guides I linked to? WHT is different from the way you setup VAT. Without the necessary edit screens of the way you setup your taxes and the Sale invoice edit screen (I assume you made VAT inclusive), you will not be able to get more assistance.

Take also note of the witholding tax statement in the guide that:

Because withholding tax is independent of any other tax code that may be applied, percentage amounts are calculated on the total due, including other taxes. (Remember, withholding tax is not an additional tax, only a way for the tax authority to collect prospective taxes earlier.)

There is no way you can label the Witholding tax account as you need to enable it on the sales invoice and it is called Withholding tax. Please follow the guide I linked to. I think that you created the withholding tax same as you did for VAT but that is wrong!

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