Tax Invoice Doubling Up on GST - Problem

This morning I noticed a problem with tax invoice doubling up on the GST in the invoice. The inventory items are set up with GST 10% included and this has always resulted in the correct figure … until this morning.

I’ve been using manager for well over a year and I’m very comfortable with it. I have not changed any settings so I am assuming we have a transitory glitch of some sort. perhaps a small upgrade came through last night, because I did not notice any issues in invoices I raised for customers yesterday. Before you ask - yes, I checked on them this morning - they are OK. It is just tax invoices for today.

How did you determine sales invoice is doubling up on GST?

Hi Lubos

Ta for getting back to me.

I think the best way is for me to show you two recent tax invoices with the same items but 2 different amounts. In invoice 2605 the tax/sales invoice correctly shows total of $153.75. This is made up of $140 for the item sold ($140 includes GST) plus P&H of $13.75 (this figure also includes GST).

In today’s invoice 2609 for exactly the same item the tax/sales invoice seems to calculate GST on $153.75 (ie $15.38) and adds it to the invoice so the total becomes $169.13. The correctly calculated amounts, as per invoice 2605 are Total $153.75 with GST of $13.98.

I have just noticed other differences between the invoices in terminology which I think backs up my original theory. Correct invoice 2605 shows TOTAL for $153.75 and below that INCLUDES GST 10% vs invoice 2609 showing SUBTOTAL for $153.75 and where GST figure is displayed this says GST 10%. The change in terminology is a give away.

As I said, I hadn’t noticed that before. When I generated the invoice this morning I knew it was wrong as I was used to the right amount - I just had not had my morning coffee to get the brain cells firing.

Any thoughts on what I might do to correct it - or is it a global thing?

I’ve edited out customer info in invoices attached for privacy reasons.

Hope you can help.

PS In this case the customer has already paid by Paypal, so I don’t need to bill him, but he will want a tax invoice for his next BAS.

Yep. Thanks I get all that.

It’s just that I haven’t changed anything. I’ve had all my settings exactly as they were for many months (years?). Yesterday invoices were right today they are not.

Probably should have said I set my invoices up as tax inclusive and that’s the way they have always come through. I can’t see any changes in settings, even though I made no changes to them.

Mia culpa.

While I’m still sure I did not change any setting this morning, I did see the tax inclusive tick box was unticked. I have ticked it and all is good.

So go back to solving real problems and improving an already great system.

Sorry, if my lack of caffeine has caused grief.