Tax Deducted at Source

I am trying to use the tax deducted at source module but don’t know how, the fields on the form when you click on ‘New Tax Deducted at Source’ appears to be misarranged

TDS implementation is sort of work in progress. Do you have TDS in your country?

Didn’t realise this feature was available - when we get our deposits for Copyright entitlements for books we own IP against the GST is already deducted. This could be really useful to us in Australia - although I wouldn’t expect too many other industries would use it.

Well done on yet more features appearing. It’s developing faster than we can keep up. Very cool.

Yes tax deducted at source (withholding Tax) is very much in my country.
The law requires a person effecting payment to another person to deduct the exact tax at source
and pay it to the Commissioner. A return or all details concerning the payment is also to be
There are various rates (%) that applies. For example there are rates for the following transactions:
Dividend and Interest
Payment for goods and services
Management and Technical fees etc

Different tax rates applies for the same kind of transactions for residents and non-residents (foreign business or workers in the country) individuals or entities.

You can have a glance here.

Could this work for Australian PAYG Withholding?

Any progress on this? How to handle TDS deduction on payment to suppliers.

When you are paying the supplier, put the full invoice value to Accounts Payable, then add a line and show TDS deduction as a negative amount to its own account.