Tax codes and localised report transformations

This guide - Update Localised Report Transformations does not explain exactly where this check for updates button is. I cannot find it in either report transformations in settings tab nor in the reports tab under either edit or view! Can you update the guide to explain exactly where the button is as I cannot find it.

I am also wanting to delete unused tax codes as I have only ever used one tax codes, so I want to get rid of all the others. If memory serves me correctly, those other tax codes were created by the UK local region feature that was introduced into manager several years before the localised report transformations were implemented. So I never had the opportunity to select which tax codes I wanted to use which I think you can do with the localised report transformation feature.

If I delete the unused tax codes, will this cause problems when updating the localised report transformations - if and when I can find the update button.

Deleting an unused tax code should cause no problems. To verify, check it out on a backup of your real business before doing it in your operational version.

I always do changes on a test version. I will try deleting the unused tax codes. Not sure where the update button for the report transformations has disappeared to though!

Official report transformation are included in the Manager program now, and are updated as part or updating the program.

Aah! Then the guides need to be updated because they seem to imply manual updating is required.

Guides have been updated to reflect this.