Suspense and inter account transfer

What do i do with transactions that get imported with a statement that are inter account transfers?
They are in the suspense account to start with but they cannot stay there forever can they? I would like to allocate them to an account so they don’t sit in suspense but its not income or expense so what do i do with it?
Using a bank rule has less options than editing it. But i still don’t know where to put the transaction.
Tried reading various posts but they were not helpful

Please help. Many thanks

No, they can’t stay there. You have two choices: delete them and manually enter inter account transfers, or allocate both the deposits and withdrawals (from separate statements) to the same clearing account. This has been discussed many, many times in the forum. I think this was the most recent: Mark Bank Import Transaction as Inter Account Transfer - #6 by Brucanna.

thankyou very much

But dumb question, What is / how do i create a clearing account. :slight_smile:

Doh., Never mind i worked it out. This software is totally awesome. Thank you