Suggestion for improvement to navigation panel

Hi Lubos,

Please, can you improve navigation experience?

Problem is that you need to scroll down the page to see how many pages there are in total and if you need to go to page 25 to see what is there, then you need to
1x Scroll down
2x click Next

47x Scroll down
48x click Next
and finally…
49x Scroll down
50x click Next

I can suggest improvement by adding navigation panel to the top of and add number entry form to navigate any page you like (see picture attached).



I also would like to see this implemented.
Inventory Items, Invoices etc. only show the navigation panel at the top on the second page +.
On the first page would be great.

Great improvement idea

Very useful and user friendly feature :+1::+1::+1:

@Solnce, you have my vote

Great improvement idea. This is requirement on urgen basis

@VACUUMDOG is correct. The paginating navigation shows at the top when going to the second page. The reason why I don’t show it on the first page is because it’s taking too much space and most of the time you don’t care about subsequent pages. Once you navigate to the second page, that’s a signal that in the current context you care about subsequent pages and the navigation will be shown at the top.

I disagree, it depends on the use case and why users are going to that screen. Pagination is something that could use a bit of work including extra options in settings to:

  • customise pagination length (I hand edit the URL, I hope at least that option is never removed)
  • turn on pagination for top of page 1
  • lazy load and have continuous single page loading
  • one screen length pages (if saving user space is one of the reasons for not having pagination on page one, introduce an option to shorten the pages so that it is always visible at the bottom. This could be done by a) a shorter page or b) a floating bar that lists float up from behind
  • have pagination time based, eg, page 1 will always be current (since thus would pose a problem at the start of the month, it could be current and past month in the first half of the month) subsequent pages would be previous months

Just random ideas for consideration, no need to be shot down or have non developers guess why they can’t be implemented.